“Thinking always means thinking forward.”

Hans-Georg Gadamer

We advise companies on the design of legal relationships and contracts. At first, we investigate the facts in depth, question and clear up misunderstandings. Then we explain the legal situation to the client and find options and alternatives, negotiate and formulate solutions to protect the client’s interests. Negotiations often have to be prepared and accompanied. In doing so, it is advisable to divide the client’s interests into essential (“must-haves”) and desirable (“nice-to-haves”) on the one hand, and on the other hand to assess the interests according to their respective enforceability, to anticipate counter-arguments and to develop suitable points of retreat.

In addition to taking precautions against risks and avoiding disputes, our consultation often also involves taking action to solve disputes and reduce risks when problems arise. Here, too, the first step is to thoroughly determine the facts of the case, to question them, to clarify misunderstandings, to assess the legal situation with foresight, and then to develop reliable strategies for avoiding disputes and solving problems. In the strategies, the main focus is on the enforceability of solutions that should also be sustainable and fair.

Typical consulting subjects are the structuring and implementation of direct investments. Often our clients have a structured  concept and we implement them. These are primarily the establishment of companies and joint ventures and company acquisitions in Germany and abroad. Legally, we draft and review the necessary contracts and assist in complying with regulatory requirements, obtaining permits, authorizations, licenses and registrations.

In the area of corporate law, we provide all standard services related to corporations and partnerships, incorporation, directors’ employment agreements, directors’ liability issues, shareholders’ rights, shareholders’ meetings, reorganization, acquisition of shares, corporate actions, closure, purchase and sale of shares and entire companies, legal due diligence. The management support and supervisory mandates and interim management are also included in our services.