We have been advising Japanese companies on transactions and projects in Germany for over 20 years. With our experience and our understanding of the Japanese legal background and business culture, we find the best options in each case to create appropriate legal solutions.


We support the establishment of a subsidiary in Germany by Foreign companies

Subsidiaries in Germany are usually established in the form of a Limited Liability Company (GmbH) or as a Limited Partnership Company (GmbH & Co KG). Both corporate forms are limited liability commercial companies and legal entities under German law, which come into existence by registration in the Commercial Register and have specific tax treatments.
There are no special permits or restrictions on the formation of companies by foreign investors in Germany. Even small and medium-sized enterprises can establish companies relatively easily and thus have a solid basis for permanent business activity in Germany and in the European Union.



We assist Japanese clients in contractual matters with German contracting parties

Here our understanding of foreign mentalities and international standards proved to be very helpful.
Since contract law is very complex in Germany, the careful and detailed drafting of contracts and powers of attorney, taking into account commercial customs and German peculiarities, is of particular importance and need to be explained clearly to the foreign client.